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    I do fancy myself a writer.

    I have decided that I will show the world my writing here. As I post all sorts of items I have written in the past, I will also post new thoughts and stories. I am currently finishing ideas for novel lengthen genre fiction, that I have been working on for years. 

    I intend to post my thoughts on the politics of the day to stories about my life, Flash Fiction, as well as Short stories.

    Thank you for the time you spend here. I would appreciate it greatly if you would share my site and join, by providing your name and E-Mail address, go to the contact page to leave me your name and E-Mail address. You will receive notifications as I add more to the site. I will not share your information with anyone for any reason. Feel free to comment. Ciao!

               A Little Bit About Me

    I am 50 something and ageing, a Husband, Father of 6, We are a blended family.


    I believe I grew up in an era and culture that spurred the imagination. My Childhood Friends, Hiking the Wasatch Front, BB Gun Wars, D&D, Vietnam, Kennedy, Nixon, Landing on the Moon, and a little bit of what they now call ADHD, created in me an imagination that I have trouble controlling even today.


    At the age of 19 I joined the U.S.  Army and served on Active Duty for 20 Years. I worked hard and played hard, did more before 6 AM than most people did all day, I was a Paratrooper “Being All I Could Be” and Platoon Sergeant in “An Army of One”.


    Two divorces, 3 marriages, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 6 wonderful beasts, I mean children later, my imagination is brimming with ideas that belong on pages for people to enjoy! Here you go. Thanks for taking the time to read them, please share them, and comment if you like.