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It has been said that the cornerstone of society is it's written language. I Write, People Write. Words and their meanings laced together to Educate, Inspire, and Entertain. That is what this website is all about, my desire to, through the written word, Educate where I can, Inspire those who find inspiration in my writing and Entertain with my words.

Earning a Living as a Writer

As I age and get to that place where the 9 to 5 Grind, is less and less desirable, I ponder could I support my life doing the things I love to do? You know, eating, watching TV, Sitting on the deck, Playing Tabletop Board Games with friends, but even more intriguing to me, could I earn a living writing?

Again that is what this website is all about. My efforts toward that elusive American Dream of making a living, while doing what you love!

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