Humanity and the future of our species, Started 27 January 2017, by T. Mark Mangum

Will there be Humans, our decedents, alive, on Earth in a thousand years? 3017, One Thousand Years into the future, what will the “Human Race” look like?  What will our Planet, look like? Will we even exist as a species recognizable to Humans from 2017? There is no good reason why there would not be Humans alive and thriving here on Earth in 3017. However there are many horrible reasons why there might not be.  For millions of persons around the world today, there is an emotional feeling, a fear, that the world is lost, due to the outcome of the presidential election in the United States of America. For many others the feeling is opposite that, with a feeling of hope, for change, and a new direction. These vast differences in our outlook based on the same current event are shining examples of a horrid reason for why Humanity may not survive to 3017 let alone 2117. When attempting to gain a simple consensus as to how best one nation ought to be governed by the population of that nation is so divisive, we have to ponder if the peoples of the world will ever be able to live peaceably with one another. In the United States of America the people are so disinterested in the process of choosing the way forward that One Hundred Thirty Million, (130,000,000), citizens did not vote. Meanwhile across the planet, there are nations in such disarray that choosing leadership and the nation’s future direction is accomplished through suppression, oppression, and death. Speaking of War this is the next great horrid, reason as to why the Human Species may not exist in a Thousand Years.  War upon war, upon war, for no other reason than the desire for power, the control of natural resources, the perpetuation of a religious dogma, or philosophical view of government, all touted by the leaders of the day as good reasons to kill and destroy.

If the Human Species is still around in 3017, the questions I posit here is where should the Human Species be in its enlightenment by the year 3017? How should we progress to that state? How can we act now to change ourselves, our Families, our Neighborhoods, Communities, Nations, and the World Community as a whole that will facilitate the enlightenment that we envision for 3017?

What level of enlightenment do I believe we the Human Species should achieve by 3017?

There must at some point sooner rather than later be a transitional achievement in our individual and collective thought, and the physical desire, that takes us from divisions based on Ethnicity, Language, National Origin, Religion, and Governmental Philosophy, to unity as a Species. The greatest hurdle to the longevity of the species is artificial divisions based upon superficial differences. We must stop thinking in terms of decades and begin thinking in terms of centuries. How we erase these lines of division in thought is different and I am sure, less controversial than how we erase the physical lines of division, both, however, are critical. What this will look like in the future will be an ever dwindling pool of “pure ethnicities” and “single language” cultures huddled within national boarders as larger regional unions grow and merge in alliances that choose the adoption of a common language and willingness in accepting, even promoting a merging of ethnicities through population growth. Enlightened thought that will lead to this goal will focus on the questions; how do we all prosper while growing closer as members of the Human Species? How do we shed the biases of “Race” realizing that there is only one Race, the Human Race? The greatest hurdle to a Human Culture, with a dominant common language, and political philosophy, and focus on Human wellbeing, Human flourishing, and ecosystem preservation will be political and religious philosophy.  How this division will fade is important because history shows this division to be the division that most often leads to War, conflict, death, and destruction. The greatest hurdle to fading this line of division is Human thought. We as the Peoples of the Earth must reach a conclusion in our thoughts that our fellow man is more important and of greater value then these divisive philosophies.

3017 – Environment and Energy 

Pretend for a moment, that Climate Change or Global Warming, driven by the activities of the Human Species is as some claim “a conspiracy or fake”. So fyken what! Long term survival of the species, and long term sustainment of the environment is dependent upon the prioritization of use for petrochemicals away from fuel and energy production. We must begin to take into consideration the long term, hundreds of years when deciding the path to take for societal norms. It would be shamefully stupid if in 100 years, 2117, we were still all driving vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine. The future ought to be more exciting than that.  How in the world do we expect our children to be excited about the future if we don’t insist that they compel technology forward? It would be shamefully stupid if in 2117 we were still burning fossil fuels for the production of Energy on the level of 79%.  We must live in this environment so in order for the species to live on, thrive, and be upon the earth and in an abundance of wellbeing, we must change the way we use the natural resources of our environment. We must in a rapid manner convince the world that sustainable living, reuse, recycling, and conservation is necessary to ensure the longevity of the species. Many plead for us to use the market to determine the way forward; saying Fossil Fuels are the least expensive way.  That is simply wrong.  Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Limited Hydroelectric and all of the other extremely innovative forms of Energy Production are the least expensive way forward, taking into account the long term damage that Fossil Fuels do to the environment and the impact on the longevity of the species. The damage of Fossil Fuels to the environment is obvious simply by looking up, understanding how Mercury gets into fish, and many other obvious symptoms of the impact on the environment. It doesn’t require Global Warming to compel the intelligent and enlightened mind away from Fossil Fuels and to other forms of energy production and transportation. The challenge of improving these new innovative technologies and advancing there use in society can and should be the inspiration for the new inventors, scientists, philosophers, innovators, and governmental agents. We must create methods that can reverse the damage we have already done to the environment.  Our new way of living must as a goal, strive to level the abundance of wellbeing that we all enjoy by lifting up the many while not lowering the few. Embracing sustainable living that includes replacing Fossil Fuels as a means of energy production and transportation, reuse, recycling, and conservation can and should become a large scale jobs program and it can and will help secure the longevity of the species if we are enlightened enough to accept it.

As a species we must come to the conclusion that as technology progresses Jobs for the population will dwindle.  Automated factories will for the most part replace the Human Worker. Unless a species decides that they won’t, very few things will need the Human worker as compared to the total population. One of my favorite Entrepreneurs is building a Ten Million Square Foot Factory but in the end it will directly employ only 2,800 people. So how will we enable the population of the planet to flourish and achieve a high-level of wellbeing if we are unable to employ them? Of course the answer is we must change the way individuals receive Income.

3017 – War


Many of us have heard that old song, War, sung by Edwin Starr. The lyrics start out, “War, huh, what is it good for, absolutely nothing.”  While I am not in complete agreement, I believe that, probably, this sentiment can be applied to most of the post-World War 2 conflicts.  Why I write about War now is to emphasize its place in the list of horrid reasons why Humanity may not be around come the year 3017. If asked to do so could you even imagine todays Humanity going 3, 5, 10, or one hundred years without any major conflict extracting its gruesome toll of life, blood, and resources form our homes, communities, nations, and our Planet.  Why do we the People of this small blue dot in the vastness of the Universe allow our governments to War? Why do we so easily agree to participate in War? In the beginning of what we call the United States of America we had men who to their credit, wrote; “The Congress shall have power to … declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water;”. The founders determined that the roll of taking the nation to war ought to be in the hands of the elected representatives of the people and the states.  They intended for the people to have authority over such decisions. We the people have failed ourselves, our neighbors, and our future by not being involved appropriately. A perfect example of what I mean is Iraq. We watched in horror the events of September 11th, 2001, we listened to the experts tell us it was Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda who were responsible for the attack, then, we allowed our government to focus our attention of Saddam Hussein and Iraq. We were told how terrible the man was, we were told over and over again about the weapons of mass destruction and then we went to war with Iraq, nearly forgetting the others who were responsible for the attack. I want to be clear here, because we see how over time, power corrupts the minds of men, the power to decide to move our nations to war must be ours, we the people, the citizens, the folks who bear the burden of the before, during, and afterwards of the war. We can’t depend upon our elected politicians to follow the letter of the law. We must insist our governments resist the temptation to facilitate their desires through war. This very small planet is our home and if it is ruined via our own tendencies toward violence, destruction, and war, we all suffer, we all lose. You and I must choose to live in peace with one another, we must compel this sentiment to our elected officials, and we must teach this sentiment to our children. Together we must work to cure the world of the problems that might cause us to consider war over peace. Attaining this enlightenment, teaching it to our children, and living it day by day will ensure our species longevity. Just maybe, with a philosophy of unity and peace, our posterity will arrive in the year 3017, thriving, with the abundance we all hope for today.


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