Health Care in the United States.

May 5, 2017

I want to start out by pointing something out. You see we say Health Care when we are really talking about Health Insurance.  While they are proverbially joined at the hip, they are not the same. So many people have said, “It is very complicated.” well it is. However, when talking about Health Insurance, I do know this, if those in Congress simply decided to make available to all people through dictate of law the medical insurance that is available to them, and Government Employees, there would not be a sour soul in the bunch. Yep you heard me. If all Employees and Employers were simply provided an insurance policy that mirrored the policy provided to Congress and Government Employees at the same cost to Employer and Employees, and then unemployed folks received Medicaid which was simply the same policy paid for by Medicaid. We would all smile and be happy. I think, possibly, for some folks out there the Premium and Co-pays might be high but hell let’s take care of that when it happens. Now, there might be a couple of you out there that are skeptical about this plan, let me reassure you, as a Government Employee, you’ll like what we have and what you get, and I don’t even have congress’ health insurance plan, I know I will enjoy the upgrade from mine. Yes my friends it is that simple. Congress passes a bill and Trump signs it into law that simply says all Insurers will provide a plan that mirrors the plan congress has for all employed persons. For those unemployed the government will provide the same plan via Medicaid. Boom, drop the microphone, we are done. This plan also meets constitutional principles of equal protection under the law, something Congress ignores way too often.


T. Mark Mangum

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