Rot wondered how men like Lant survived.  He was thick in the skull like a rock, but lucky. It must be the “luck of the God’s” he said to himself in a whisper, drinking ale from his mug.  Lant was talking up some horse dung with a local at the dart board.  How else could a man rush a band of five Orc with a short sword and come out on top.  Rot shook his head took another sip, although Lant would be a half-eaten carcass had he been alone.  Rot, his faithful hound, and the elf with a bow, what was his name, Rift? Yes, rift were there, rot smiled as he relived the moments in his mind.

“Die Minions of Kreet” Lant bellowed rushing the band, Sending Rot, Beast, the Elf and the Orcs into frenzied activity.  Lant stumbled and fell flat just feet from the Orcs who had begun to scramble for cover.  One was immediately brought down by the elf’s bow.  Rot now was in full charge, the Four remaining Orcs were staring jack jawed at the prostrate Lant.  Regaining their fighting legs moments before Rot bore down upon the closest, a mighty blow from his broad sword, cleaved the Orc from forehead to neck.  Rift closer to the group now pierced another through the shoulder with an arrow; this same Orc attempted a blow with his Ax at Lant, who miraculously rolled to the side attempting to stand, sparing his life.  A second arrow pierced the Orcs Chest as Rot sparred with the other two. Lent on his feet again attacked running a particularly large Orc through from behind allowing Rot to remove the others head from its Torso. They went through the packs the Orcs had with them. There was a full human Torso, roasted and wrapped. Then Lant, let out a whoop. “Boys look at this.” It was whole satchel full of Magic User material components, potions, powders, and scrolls.

Yep, the luck of the Gods, Rut mumbled as he went to join his companion at the Dart Board.


T. Mark Mangum, 19 September 2012

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