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Lina Explores

Attention. I have exciting news. I have just published the first story in my Lina Explores, Children's book series.

I am very excited to announce that, the first book in my Children’s picture book series Lina Explores, Planet Earth. Is available in Kindle format and Paperback on Amazon.

It is available as a Kindle Unlimited title so you can read it for free. Please if you have Kindle Unlimited, do me a favor, go download and read the story, then provide a review of Lina Explores today.

Let all your friends and family know. Please that Lina will be available for purchase for free as an Amazon Kindle title from 7–11 March 2022. After that, it will increase to the set price of $3.00.

The paperback price is $9.99.

Getting it to this point has been an adventure with ups and downs.

Thank you all for supporting my writing here on Medium. Please if you can I ask that you support me further with a recommendation to you folks who have kids.

Remember, if you are a Kindle unlimited user, it is a free read. Please leave a review and recommendation.

From 7–11 March 2022, it is available on Kindle for free as a promotion. After that, it will increase to the set price of $3.00.

Thank you all again for reading my work here on Medium.

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I am T.Mark Mangum. From an early age, I was hooked, addicted to the imagined, unfathomable worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, Conan, the Lord of the Rings, and many others. I love writing fiction tales. I love writing in multiple genres. However, my favorites are Sci-fi and Fantasy fiction. I am a father of six; we have two cats and two dogs. Tabletop gaming is a passion.

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