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Mr. Mason and the Carions, abduction of the Princess, Part 6

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Three hours earlier.

“Clee, have you had any luck contacting the intruding vessel?” Josiphus asked.

“No Sir. They have not responded to my inquiries.”

“Alright, dispatch the shuttle to our location. I’m going to go have a word with our uninvited guests,” Josiphus directed.

It should take the shuttle three hours to get from The Bracus Lord to the surface. Ensuring that the indigenous populations do not witness or experience the technology takes time.

Josiphus began the preparations for his trip. A half an hour later, Clee radioed from the Bracus-Lord, “Mr. Wander, Mr. Protius.”

“Go ahead Clee,” Josiphus responded.

“Yes Clee,” Protius said.

“I am observing the video from the device attached to the bird traveling North West. It has located the princess. There are three men on horseback. The princess is bound but riding the fourth horse, which is being led by one of the others.”

“Protius, meet me at the mission tent,” Josiphus said into the radio.

The two men arrived at the tent at the same time.

“Bring up the feed,” Josiphus said, holding the tent door open for Protius. Protius entered the tent, stepped to the table with the monitor and control pad. He pressed a couple of buttons. The monitor flickered and zoomed in to show four horses and riders. The princess was bound to the trailing horse, which was being led by the third horse and rider. “Ok Clee, we have the feed pulled up down here, thank you. Check the ship’s and satellite’s sensors, are there any indigenous activity within fifteen miles of their location?” Josiphus asked.

“No Sir. However, the trespassing shuttle is within the fifteen-mile parameter. To reach the shuttle’s location, you will have to intersect the road they are on,” Clee responded.

“Protius, Get the Ground Position Monitor. Clee, have the sensors track and lock in on the kidnappers. Feed that data to Protius. Good job Clee.”

“Yes sir,” Clee said.

“Protius, get what you need for a fast ride to intercept them, I’m going to round up the expedition members, and we will pick your companions; I want you on the road quickly,” Josiphus directed.

“Yes Sir.”

Josiphus exited the tent, walked out to the clearing by the campfire, and spoke in a loud voice.

“All right, everyone gather up. I have some good news and some troubling news.” As the expedition members gathered, he spoke to Fran, Ellie, Jane, and the Professor who were bedded down near the command tent.

“Ladies, good work on that tracking spell. The bird heading North West has located the princess and her three abductors.”

“Jojo,” Fran said.

The three Mystics smiled, high-fived each other, and clapped.

“Jojo,” Josiphus asked?

“We named the birds, that one is Jojo.” Ellie said.

“Ah, Jojo then, found the princess. Professor, I am sending Protius and Rolan on two of the horses to intercept the kidnappers. I would like two other fighters to accompany them. We will ask for volunteers, but I think the two most prepared fighters are Jothrel and Ren. May I ask them directly?” Josiphus asked.

“No need, I will speak with them and let you know what they say,” Professor Prystar said and walked away from the group that was gathering.

“Mr. Wander sir,” Ellie said, raising her hand.

“Yes Ellie.”

“I have a spell, two spells actually, I call it locomotion. It is really just levitation combined with a push spell. I can travel as far and as fast as the horses.”

“Really? Will you have any juice left once you get there,” Josiphus asked?

“Yeah sure, I am in a semi-meditative state while doing it. It is a fun relaxing spell actually,” Ellie said.

“When you all get there Ellie the plan is to subdue the kidnappers and rescue the princess. You should expect and be ready to fight, hurt, possibly kill the kidnappers. I do not believe there will be any other way.” Josiphus said.

Ellie bowed her head then looked to Fran and Jane; they moved away from the group to talk.

Soon after that, the expedition members had gathered around. Josiphus explained the situation, reported the success of JoJo, and the three mystics, and asked for two volunteers. “I would like two of our fighters to ride with Protius and Rolan. You must expect to have to fight for your lives and the life of the princess. It will be dangerous.”

“I will go,” Ren said.

“I will as well,” Jothrel said.

“Excellent, go put together an overnight bag, pack very light, water, and rations, not much more. Meet Protius by the horses in ten minutes,” Josiphus said.

They moved out, the Professor followed the two students.

“Ellie,” Josiphus spoke?

“I am ready to do my part. I will help the princess whatever it takes.”

“You are positive about the spell not draining you physically and mentally? The last thing we need is you puttering out and being stranded somewhere in between or worse, arriving too tired to protect yourself.”

“Yes sir, positive,” Ellie said.

“Perfect, go put together an overnight bag, meet us by the horses in ten minutes.”

“Yes sir.”

Ellie, Fran, and Jane went to their tent together chatting.

Josiphus walked up to the horses, reaching them as Protius and Rolan got there. They proceeded to check the horses and tack, preparing for the ride.

“So it is you, Ren, Jothrel, and Ellie going. Don’t hesitate once you get to them. They are not going to give up the princess without a fight,” Josiphus said.

“That is five, Boss. We only have four horses,” Rolan said.

“Yep, Mystics will never cease to amaze me. Ellie has a locomotion spell. She is going to fly right along with you.”

“What!” Protius said.

Rolan shook his head. “You sure, boss?”

“I spoke to her explained the task ahead; she is positive she can do it.”

“Ok, but is she ready to fight, possibly kill? This isn’t self-defense like we taught them; it is us deliberately seeking a fight.” Protious asked.

“You're the lead on this quest Protius. I spoke to her about it. Ask her again if you like when she gets here.”

Soon the others arrived at the horses. The Professor, Jane, and Fran were tagging along.

“Now, you all know that what you are doing here, this is not self-defense, but it is allowed under the protocols. You can render aid to those in need, even to the point of inflicting death upon an assailant. I checked and double-checked the protocols,” the Professor said as they got to the horses.

“The Professor is correct. But more importantly than the protocols, I need to know you are prepared for the event because it is guaranteed we are fighting once we get there,” Protius said. He paused, ensuring to make eye contact with each of them before he continued.

“As the lead on this quest, I need to know that I can count on you when the time comes. These folks are going to try and kill you to keep the princess. You can be sure of that. Are you ready, willing, and able to kill them to save the princess and defend yourself and your friends?” Protius continued.

The students almost in unison as if responding to a pep rally speech screamed, “Yeah, I am, we are,” and the like in answer to the question.

“Now Ellie, I hear you have a spell that is going to amaze me ever more than talking to animals,” Protius said.

“You bet,” Ellie said. She then laid a rug out on the ground and sat cross-legged.

“Mount up folks, we need to move out,” Protius said.

As the others mounted the horses, Ellie took in three deep breaths and whispered something they could not make out, then hummed, “Ahummm.” She and the rug rose straight up about five feet off the ground. “Ahummm.” Then she took her staff and, holding in the middle and top, proceeded to work it as an oar, one side then the other. With each stroke, she moved forward.

Protius road next to her and said, “Keep up.” He spurred the horse forward to a trot, then a run.

Ellie continued to row. “Ahumm.” She matched Protius speed.

The other three followed, soon they were out of sight. Soon the four men on horseback rode the Northwest trail. To their left flew a mystic, seated crossed-legged on a carpet.

The shuttle arrived four hours late. There was a maintenance issue clee had to take care of. Josiphus gathered three adventurers from the expedition, Fran purveyor of the mystic arts, Alrin a fighter, and Professor Prystar, archer. They boarded the shuttle. At the helm, Josiphus plotted a course to the landing site of the intruders and took off.

As the shuttle flew, Josiphus monitored the live feed from the drone deployed to the offending shuttle’s location. He guided the drone to the shuttle’s door, pressed a button extending the grasper, then flew forward and back three times, impacting the door, knocking. Opening a communications node, he spoke.

“This is Josiphus Wander. I am the benefactor of Bracus-5; you are in violation of the non-interference protocols. Vacate the planet surface and orbit.”

“Clee, Target the vessel in orbit with all available munitions, fire on my command.”

“Yes sir,” Clee Responded.

“This is Josiphus Wander. You are in violation of the non-interference protocols. Vacate the planet’s surface immediately. Please respond.”

“Sir, the intruding vessel is moving. It appears to be remaining in orbit but attempting to get out of range of our weapons,” Clee radioed.

“Boss, we have made some serious progress. We can see their dust trail looking to catch them in about fifteen minutes,” Protius radioed just moments after Clee.

“Mr. Wander, they are powering up. Their propulsion system just came on-line,” Arlin said. Arlin was also a shuttle pilot and had taken the co-pilots position when he boarded.

The offending shuttle took off, accelerating quickly. Josiphus punched buttons, “Hold on.” The shuttle took off in pursuit for a brief second the G-Forces pegged the occupants to their seats until the inertia field dampeners engage.

“Arlin, keep an eye on the sensors, don’t wait for me; if they target us react the best you can with countermeasures,” Josiphus said.

“Yes sir.”

“Mr. Wander sir,” Clee radiod.


“Protius and the others have engaged the kidnappers,” Clee said.

“Do we have video clee?” Josiphus asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Professor, use that station you are sitting at and grab the video feed. Let me know if something serious happens,” Josiphus directed as he piloted the shuttle.

As Protius, Ren, Rolan, and Jothrel road hard down the road toward the kidnappers, Ellie glided along next to them. Two of the kidnappers halted, turned their horses around, and began riding towards them. The third rider leading the princess forward picked up the pace.

“I am going to keep going after the princess while you all take care of these two,” Ellie said.

“Good Plan. Make it happen,” Protius responded.

They were getting closer. “Hey, Ren and Jothrel. Rolan and I will ride past them, turn around and come back. You slow up a bit and engage them after we ride by. Two on one,” Protius commanded.

Ellie veered off to the left of the road, rose to about sixty feet in the air, and then took a straight line angled down toward the princess and her captor.

The six men on horseback swords drawn rode toward each other, Rolan threw his sword aimed toward the head of the oncoming attacker then veered hard out and around the approaching foe, removing the bow from his back he road on turned and notched an arrow. Surprised at the flying sword and odd maneuver, the kidnapper, blocked the sword but sent it flying in his partners’ direction. The blade of the flying sword hit the rider’s shoulder and distracted him. Protius took advantage landing a blow across the chest as they road past each other. Cutting deep and causing the man to fall from his horse. Ren advanced trading blows with the oncoming attacker from the left, Jothrel attacking the same kidnapper from the right. Landing a blow and slicing into his arm. Sensing his demise outnumbered as he was, the hooligan spurred his horse to a run, crouching low in the saddle. Leaving his mates and the princess to the four horsemen and the flying mystic.

Rolan spit, “Damned protocols!” put the arrow back in the quiver, slung his bow, dismounted, and retrieved his sword.

Protius had already dismounted and dispatched the second man who had regained his feet and attacked, though wounded. His reward was death. Ren and Jothrel seeing nothing for them to do here spurred their horses forward toward the last ruffian, the princes, and their Friend Ellie. Ellie roared past the two she pursued and, using a mystic spell of elemental wind, cushioned her landing in the middle of the road. When the dust cleared, she stood, the staff at the ready, prepared for another spell.

The Professor watched on the monitor as the ruffian fled, Ren and Jothrel spurred their horses up the road, and Ellie swooped in towards the princess.

“Mr. Wander sir,” Clee spoke.

“Yes,” Clee.

“Sir, the shuttle you are pursuing is on an intercept course with the princess and her kidnappers. You both will reach them in less than a minute.”

“They are powering weapons!” Arlin yelled.

Josiphus put the shuttle through some evasive measures, as several shots whizzed by, then watched in horror as the shuttle fired on Ellie, who stood between it, the princess and the kidnapper. The intruding shuttle slowed drastically, spun, and landed with its rear-loading doors facing down the road toward Ellie’s body and the oncoming rider and princes.

“No!” the Professor yelled. Seeing the event unfold on the monitor.

Josiphus, stunned, flew past, taking a few seconds to regain his senses. “No, no, no, no!” he screamed. “Fire on that shuttle before they can get the princess on board. Arlin aimed and fired, missed, then held up as the princess’ captor, pulled her from her horse, and rode his up into the shuttle.

“Shit, sorry, Mr. Wander,” Arlin said.

Josiphus flew his shuttle into a stationary position above the other shuttle so that they were touching. “This is Josiphus Wander. You are in violation of the non-interference protocols power down and surrender.”

A voice spoke as an image appeared on the communications monitor. He was Gelk. “Leave us be, or we will kill the princess. She is now our hostage. If you wish her to live, leave the area.

“What do you want? Whatever your demands, I will meet them.”

Fran was crying in the background, Professor Prystar as well, “Ellie, oh Ellie. No.”

Outside, Jothrel and Ren came to the prostrate body of Ellie. The body was whole, no blood around it.

Ren dismounted, ran over to the body, and began evaluating her condition. Unconscious, unresponsive, but a pulse and breathing. Abrasions all over her face and arms. She must have been injured by the concussion. probably internal bleeding.

Jothrel dismounted, took a dagger, and threw it at the shuttle. It hit, the twang of metal on metal rang clear. Just as he thought, as long as it was on the ground, they could not use the deflector shields. He ran to the control panel on the back doors, picking up the dagger along the way. He then pried the face off the control panel, exposing wires.

“Josiphus Wander, that is not how it works, now move and let me leave or I kill the princess. Bring her to me!” The Gelk said.

The princess screamed as her face was pressed against the camera, the Gelk’s hand exposing its claws. “I give you five seconds, and then everything turns red. Five, what the hell.” A sound of a scuffle, a flash from sunlight filling the compartment, a neigh of a horse, and footfall came over the intercom.”

“Jothrel got the shuttle door open!” the Professor yelled. Cheers from the others who were watching.

Jothrel moved in quick as the door opened, drawing another dagger, intent on keeping the fight in close quarters in the back of the shuttle. The horse feeling the breeze behind it started to back up. Its rider stepped toward it to grab its rains and realized Jothrel was there. He smacked the horse hard across the face. It reared, bumped its head swaggered back and forth, knocking Jothrel into the wall and causing him to lose balance. The horse backed out of the shuttle. Jothrel was attempting to regain his footing when the ruffian reached him.

“Clee, this is Ren. Ellie is seriously injured. She needs immediate advance medical care.” As he spoke, he saw Jothrel pry off the face of the control panel, bare some wires, the door opened, and Jothrel entered the shuttle. Then he watched as Jothrel got clobbered by the horse as it exited the shuttle, and the kidnapper of the princess stabbed Jothrel with a short sword. Jothrel fell to the floor holding the wound and trying to retreat. He unslung his bow, grabbed an arrow, notched it, aimed, and fired as the man moved forward to stab Jothrel again. The bolt struck the assailant in the throat. He fell to his knees, grasping the arrow.

Jothrel sat up and stabbed the man in the side of the neck several times before he collapsed motionless on the floor. Jothrel began to stand.

“Mr. Wander sir. Ren has called. Ellie needs immediate advanced medical care. The shuttle is the only way to make that happen, Sir.” Clee said.

“Four, three, two,…” The Gelk started counting again.

“Wait!” Josiphus yelled and flew his shuttle off and landed behind them by where Ellie lay.

The Gelk took off immediately, angled the shuttle for a steep climb, watched as Jothrel rolled out the back, then closed the door and punched full power. They were out of sight before Rolan and Protius reached the scene before they could open the shuttle doors, even before Ren got to the body of Jothrel.

Mr. Mason sat back in the chair. “Shit,” he said as he watched the rest of the log. Jothrel was dead. They got Ellie back to the Bracus-Lord and were able to save her. The Gelk escaped with the princess and later contacted Josiphus with his demands. Kill Timothy Mason.


Copyright: T. Mark Mangum, March 12, 2021.

T. Mark Mangum, a product of the unimaginable worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, Connan, and the Lord of the Rings. Lover and writer of fiction tales. He is a Veteran and a father of six, and a game enthusiast.

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