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Dad Humor From a Father of six, Taking a Shower

All of my children at times in their lives felt it necessary to report to me that they were about to take a shower. Each of them will attest that they have heard the phrases “Wash your ass.” or “Use some soap.” every time they have done this. Even today on the phone my 27-year-old will end the call with “Got to go dad, I’m getting in the shower.” He will immediately repeat the line with me. “Use some soap.” every so often I’ll say “Wash your ass.” to throw him off.

The other day, knowing how much this annoys my 18-year-old daughter, I decided to change it up a bit. So when she reported in to her mom and I that she was about to take a shower, I said, “Hey, why did the girl cross the road?” of course she responded, “Why.” To which I said, “To buy some soap so she could wash her ass.” I think everyone laughed. I know I did, but she had disappeared before I could regain my composure, so I am not sure. My wife wasn’t amused.

But seriously, did anyone else ever have the experience of having to teach the kids that when they shower, they need to have the shower curtain in the tub? I remember after my now 20-year-old son then 12 had done this. Watching him mop up the bathroom floor saying. “I always wondered how I could get you to help your mom out with the housework?”


Thank you for reading and enjoying Real Life Struggles, Dad Humor from a Father of Six. I hope they bring you happiness.


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T. Mark Mangum, is the product of the 60s and 70s, his imagination, wonder, thoughts, and ponderings, emboldened by Star Trek, Star Wars, Conan the Barbarian, and The Hobbit. He loves a good story and hopes you will love reading his stories. Veteran, Father, TTRPG, and Board Game Junkie. He spent 20 years in the United States Army, another 10 working for the government, before realizing he should write. Find me on Twitter at @MangumWriter.

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