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    3017 – Environment and Energy

    April 6, 2017

    Pretend for a moment, that Climate Change or Global Warming, driven by the activities of the Human Species is as some claim “a conspiracy or fake”. So fyken what! Long term survival of the species, and long term sustainment of the environment is dependent upon the prioritization of use for petrochemicals away from fuel and energy production. We must begin to take into consideration the long term, hundreds of years when deciding the path to take for societal norms. It would be shamefully stupid if in 100 years, 2117, we were still all driving vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine. The future ought to be more exciting than that. How in the world do we expect our children to be excited about the future if we don’t insist that they compel technology forward? It would be shamefully stupid if in 2117 we were still burning fossil fuels for the production of Energy on the level of 79%. We must live in this environment so in order for the species to live on, thrive, and be upon the earth and in an abundance of wellbeing, we must change the way we use the natural resources of our environment. We must in a rapid manner convince the world that sustainable living, reuse, recycling, and conservation is necessary to ensure the longevity of the species. Many plead for us to use the market to determine the way forward; saying Fossil Fuels are the least expensive way. That is simply wrong. Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Limited Hydroelectric and all of the other extremely innovative forms of Energy Production are the least expensive way forward, taking into account the long term damage that Fossil Fuels do to the environment and the impact on the longevity of the species. The damage of Fossil Fuels to the environment is obvious simply by looking up, understanding how Mercury gets into fish, and many other obvious symptoms of the impact on the environment. It doesn’t require Global Warming to compel the intelligent and enlightened mind away from Fossil Fuels and to other forms of energy production and transportation. The challenge of improving these new innovative technologies and advancing there use in society can and should be the inspiration for the new inventors, scientists, philosophers, innovators, and governmental agents. We must create methods that can reverse the damage we have already done to the environment. Our new way of living must as a goal, strive to level the abundance of wellbeing that we all enjoy by lifting up the many while not lowering the few. Embracing sustainable living that includes replacing Fossil Fuels as a means of energy production and transportation, reuse, recycling, and conservation can and should become a large scale jobs program and it can and will help secure the longevity of the species if we are enlightened enough to accept it.   





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