The Arrogance Of Public Servants - Orrin Hatch

April 20, 2017

The arrogance of public servants is a condition that reflects the attitude, level of involvement, and perceived intelligence of the electorate, by the public servant. This post is mostly in reference to Senator Orrin Hatch’s interview with Channel 2 on April 10, 2017, where he spoke about the newly appointed Justice to the Supreme Court. He said “I would have preferred not” speaking about the “Nuclear Option” but then said when asked “Did the republicans politicize the Supreme Court when they refused to vote on Judge Garland?” Hatch’s answer “No, because it was the end of an election year …” followed by a bunch of non-sense gibberish. Like it or not my fellow Americans, this man thinks we are stupid. He also doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the constitution. The thing is, his actions show that he believes you don’t give a rat’s ass as well. The most telling part of the interview is when Senator Hatch is asked if he is going to run again. “… I need some time to think it over … Donald Trump is all over me to run again, my leadership in the Republican Senate is all over me to run again … I have to be prepared to make sure that there is someone to replace me…”. All of this shows his arrogance, believing that it isn’t our job, the electorate, the citizens of Utah to decide who his replacement will be, that somehow it is beyond us, it takes special people like him, Donald Trump, and the “Republican Senate Leadership”  to find the right person to govern and take care of us.  This arrogance, again, is easily acquired because of the nonparticipation of the electorate. When only 50% of us care enough to vote then the Public Servant doesn’t care about 50% of us they end up caring primarily for the 25% or so that elected them. The only true cure for this malady is a greater involvement by the citizens in the electoral process. If you want change but you didn’t vote, well, you get what others decided for you. We the citizens of Utah ought not reelect Senator Hatch simply because he believes we are not smart enough to find a replacement worthy enough to fill his shoes.




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