• T. Mark Mangum


Robbie, sat alone staring at the picture. This was part of his morning routine. Wake, care for bodily functions, stoke the fire, heat some water, make the coffee, sip the coffee, stare at the picture.

He had always been alone, as far back as he can remember. Before him today was the last stretch of land a few miles or so before he would run into the Pacific Ocean. He had come from the Atlantic Ocean, following the sun each day. Till there was just enough light left to start a fire, set camp, or claim an empty building.

Today was different though. As he sat by the fire, the morning sun warming his back, A question brewed in the recesses of his mind. Who took the picture?

A thought appeared before him titillating the atmosphere.

“There had been someone else, he had not always been alone.”

More questions stirred.

Who? When? Where are they?


© 2021, T. Mark Mangum

T. Mark Mangum, a product of the unimaginable worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, Conan, and the Lord of the Rings. Lover and writer of fiction tales. He is a Veteran, a father of six, and a game enthusiast.

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