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The Three Lakes of Life

Lake Blanche, Utah Hiking, TMarkMangum


The Tale, fiction for it is what I do. The lakes are real, an easy hike for you. Travel to the Utes land in the USA. Find the Big Cottonwood Canyon, they say.

It is said that the three Godbrothers of the ancient tribe of the Uwints carved from the mountain valley the lakes of life, naming them after the Mother Goddesses. Ferien bringer of fish created the greater lake and named it after the Goddess Blanche, bringer of plenty, and filled its waters with fish providing an abundant food source for the Uwints People. There they did dwell and pray.

Lake Lillian, Utah Hiking, TMarkMangum


Then looking to his brother Lurien, Ferien did worry about the thirst of the people. Lurien followed the flowing water from the Mother Goddess Blanche to a small valley not very far away. There he carved a bowl where the water pooled before continuing down the canyon. Lurien called the waters Lillian for the Mother Goddess of water. Lurien, seeing that the Uwint people labored day and night to tame the land, looked to his brother Venlien. Lurien asked, “Shall the people wash the hard labor from their weary frames, in Blanche’s waters where the fish swim or from whence they drink in the waters of Lillian?”

Lake Florence, Utah Hiking, TMarkMangum

Venlien replied with thunder, wind, rain, and a lightning bolt that blocked the river’s flow beneath the pools of Blanche and Lillian. There, was formed the washing pool of Florence, Mother Goddess of health and vitality. The Uwints built their villages upon the shores’ of the Mother Goddesses, paid honor to the Godbrothers for their gifts, and became strong. They thrived and multiplied and built. Father Earth was pleased and gave his body that they would live.


Copyright: T. Mark Mangum, 2020.

T. Mark Mangum, a product of the unimaginable worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, Connan, and the Lord of the Rings. Lover and writer of fiction tales. He is a Veteran and a father of six, and a game enthusiast.

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