• T. Mark Mangum

Storm, Micro Fiction, 100 Word Challenge

Writing Prompt, Storm.

Her name was Storm. It was given not earned. The name. In fact, she was quite the opposite. All of the other kids would argue about what game to play, which book to read, or who got to be the princess. She would always say to her friends, “There is plenty of time why should we fight about it? Let’s just take turns.” Then she would choose the first to go and they would all have fun. The teachers pondered the calming influence of the girl who didn’t talk, while the other kids talked to her as if she did.


Copyright: T. Mark Mangum, March 18, 2021.

T. Mark Mangum, a product of the unimaginable worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, Connan, and the Lord of the Rings. Lover and writer of fiction tales. He is a Veteran and a father of six, and a game enthusiast.

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