• T. Mark Mangum

Working Through the Pain

Micro Fiction, 100 Word Challenge

Some said that Kar Doel was a man working through the pain. Others scoffed at the notion. The blacksmith, tall and muscular, often worked the anvil for hours at a time. The wonderful metal tools he made helped others so much. When the alarm sounded, other men arrived to find Kar already knee-deep into solving the problem.Gossips debated; he wears pain upon his countenance some say. Others responded it’s just the way he smiles. When Kar died the Gravediggers found the spot for him next to Judy Doel, loving wife, Judith Doel, beautiful daughter, and Jeremey Doel, brave-hearted son.


Copyright: T. Mark Mangum, 2021.

T. Mark Mangum, a product of the unimaginable worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, Connan, and the Lord of the Rings. Lover and writer of fiction tales. He is a Veteran and a father of six, and a game enthusiast.

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