• T. Mark Mangum

When Pigs Fly

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four, let’s go! Jenica, screamed as she jumped from the open door, those that followed her neither heard what she had said nor cared much about the fun she was having. Major Cline the soldier right behind her in fact was not having any fun and was a bit disturbed at how nonchalant she was being about the entire operation. Seargent Major Galhardt who exited the aircraft second through the door on the other side of the aircraft was smiling but not for the same reason as Private Jenica Rothsanbard. He was smiling because he knew just how annoyed Major Cline was that Rothsanbard was always happy.

The members of Alpha Company, 3rd Armoured Assault Battalion landed in the open fields outside the capital of Halspania, Known by the Halspani as, The Great and Ancient City of the Goddess, Oinsbaria.

Oinsbaria, sat upon her throne in a trance looking up as if watching something other than the solid domed ceiling she was staring at. Jelt Olprow, Halspania’s Lord of War stood before her. “The enemy has arrived my Goddess. What are your commands.”

“Lord Olprow, command my faithful to battle, I shall join them when pigs fly,” Oinsbaria spoke. She then turned her eyes to the ceiling again and went into a trance.

Lord Olbrow, shaken at the Goddess's words, for he did not know what a pig was or if they even flew. But, faithful he was to his diety, and knowledgeable of her great power through experience in battle. Olbrow exited the Great Temple of Oinsbaria. The Halspanian host stood before him, The formations stretched for miles to the left and right. To war, faithful servants of the Great Goddess. Soon she will join the fight. Our enemy will be destroyed this night.

As the battle raged, one close enough to Alpha Company could hear the laughter of Private Jenica Rothsanbard as she advanced through the ranks of the faithful, smashing and dashing them before her.

“Rothsanbard, you have advanced too far. Your position is compromised. Hold your ground till the line catches up to you.” She heard Major Cline command through her earpiece. “The Pigs are bringing in forward air support if you are too far out, you might get caught in their fire,” The Major continued.

She laughed out loud, halted her advance, and even took several steps to the rear. She continued to fire cannons mounted to the exoskeleton she wore, over and over again. Each time she felt the concussion of the cannon rounds she smiled, excited at the chaos around her.

Just then the air about them began to vibrate and joy welled up within her soul. The unmistakable rumble of the pigs flying in the heavy ordinance. The sight of these massive air machines typically caused the defending armies to cower and retreat. Private Rothsanbard, Major Cline, and Seargent Major Galhardt halted their advances and that of the Company. “Here come the pigs, boys, and girls, the show begins if five, four, three, two, and one,” announced Major Cline.

Then suddenly where explosions, flames, and smoke should have been, there was a bright shining triangle. The pigs stopped moving which was impossible, Jenica thought out loud. “Pigs can’t hover. “ Just the context of the words she spoke made her laugh as she watched beams of light emanate from the bright triangle craft that seemed to grow larger. One by one the flotilla of pigs were hit by a beam of light and exploded.

“Yippee,” Jenica thought, “the fireworks,” but then realized what was happening. Major Cline was screaming in her ear advance take the city. the chaos about her made her laugh again and she moved forward shooting, stomping, kicking. The firebombs fell from the sky as the pigs exploded until they were all gone. The trailing squadrons of pigs had yet to fly over the advancing invaders so the exploding pigs and ordinance fell burning on top of them.

Then from the triangle craft came flying creatures with massive, glowing, feathery wings. They began attacking the ground forces. Major Cline was in full retreat calling for his command to fall back and join him. Sergeant Major Galhardt died in the blinding fires under the crush of debris from a giant flying pig. Jenica squealed with excitement upon seeing the glowy flying beings and dashed forward shooting, stopping, jumping, and reaching for the new enemy.

Oinsbaria agleam in her heavenly armor towering above all on the battlefield was inexplicably drawn to the unbridled joy that emanated from the only invader left advancing on the field. The carnage taking place as the forces of Halspania encircled the attacker, was horrid, as they were outmatched by the technology. “Lord Olprow, command the host to end the assault and fall back to your location” Oinsbaria spoke.

As the Halspani attempted to disengage, Jenica would attack. Seeing this Oinsbaria clapped her hands. An orb of light enveloped Privat Rothsanbard, immobilizing her and raising her off the ground so she floated in mid-air at face level with the glowing being that road the bright triangle.

Jenica giggled at the site of this most excellent glowing being but was a little distressed at not being able to move.

“Why are you so happy to destroy that which is not yours to destroy,” the Goddess asked. Her words echoed in Jenica’s brain.

“I am just happy, all the time, no matter what I do,” Jenica said.

“But the death and destruction how can this make you happy? I see your memories this happiness here is the same happiness you display while playing with your pet Woofie,” Oinsbaria said.

“I am alive doing the things I want to do, it makes me happy,” Jenica replied.

“So you want to kill my people and destroy my world,” asked the Goddess?

“I was told to do so by my leaders, it is my job, I do my job, I like my job, it makes me happy,” Jenica said becoming a little less happy at the heat of the light that enveloped her and prevented her from moving freely.

“Odd and troubling. Thank you, Private Jenica Rothsanbard, for helping me understand your people,” Oinsbaria said.

With that, the Goddess Oinsbaria began to clap and spin as she hovered in the air, with each rotation and clap, an outward torrent of wind, fire, rain, ice, rock, and a sonic pulse, a pulse that echoed in the minds of the enemy. The word that echoed in their minds was, die. The torrent stretched out and engulfed all things as it grew outward. Near the Goddess, a calmness spread behind the torrent that ever increased in size and intensity spreading outward. This spectacle made Jenica happy so she smiled and laughed a little, even though she was a bit frightened.

All of the invaders died as the torrent of elemental destruction engulfed them. Here on Halspania and elsewhere in the vast expanse, as far as the Goddess could see. Wherever the torrent found Jenica’s species they died. Except for one. Jenica witnessed the death of her kind in her mind. Everything she knew and found joyful dying in the visions imparted to her by the Goddess as if she were there experiencing it. Until the only things left were her and her dog.

Then Jenica, in a flash stood before the throne of the Goddess Oinsbaria. Jenica had been stripped to her jumpsuit, Woofie stood by her side. Upon her throne, the Goddess sat observing these last two beings from the System called Terra, this Human, and her dog.

Jenica, seeing Woofie her dog, began to jump up and down, laughing, then she fell on the ground, hugging, and playing with Woofie. The Goddess smiled, frowned, and snapped her fingers and the last two were gone.


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